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Have you seen our Construction Series?

Along with owning and operating DaynePro Designs, I also own and operate a construction company with my father here in Missouri. Our company's name is RD Custom Homes LLC. We document our day-to-day experiences as builders and our projects in a series on YouTube here. Viewer discretion is sometimes advised. Sometimes we swear... Okay, maybe we swear often.

Tune in if you have a passion for construction. We feature day-in-the-life content as well as how-to videos and other entertaining stuff.


"Hello, Folks! In this video, we finish installing the Airlift air ride suspension on our Toyota Tacoma. We load our Massey Ferguson tractor into our dump trailer and set off for a day of work at the ranch. Unfortunately, halfway through our morning, the tractor ran a flat tire and our plans for the day were derailed."


"Hello, Folks! In this video, Dad and I complete our fabrication, assembly, and installation of a custom cedar fencing enclosure. This video also features tips and tricks to use your table saw to its full ability."

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