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Is your online marketing junk? Top 3 reasons you need to focus on your digital marketing.

Ignoring your online marketing is like being in business but not telling anyone!

Are you one of those business owners? "Most of my leads come from word of mouth." Believe it or not, you're not unique for having that mindset. In fact, many small businesses do not put any effort into their online presence and marketing. That's where DaynePro Designs comes in like the Kool-Aid man!

Here are my Top 3 Reasons why you need to focus on your online marketing!

1. Competition - Money Fish

Your potential customers are like fish in the sea and your competitors are like hungry sharks. Simply put, your customers are online and so are your competitors. If you don't have the right hook in the water, then are you really fishing?

When someone hears about your business or has an interest in your products or services, the first thing that they will do is look you up on a search engine. ie. Google, Bing, Facebook... If your search engine optimization is junk, if your branding and messaging are junk, and your website and social media are junk... then you're not catching the money fish.

  • Having a website that works well with all search engines and devices is the first step. That is the equivalent of showing up for the fishing trip wearing clothes. Good job!

  • Having high-quality messaging, graphics, and branding is the second step. This is the equivalent of having the right equipment in your tackle box.

  • Having an effective lead generation funnel and landing page to reel in the customers (fish) is the third step. This is the equivalent of having the right rod, reel, and line.

*that's enough fishing...

2. Budgeting - Target your money

For those of you who have been in business long enough to know what yellow pages and newspapers were... you know, those were the things that dinosaurs used to wipe their butts... those traditional methods of advertising were/are very expensive and a crapshoot compared to modern online advertising.

The use of analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook/Instagram insights, and more, allows you ultimate control over who sees what. It affords you, pun intended, the ability to target and isolate your advertising spend specifically to your target demographic. Thus, spend your money only on people who will spend it back!

For example: If you're trying to sell yoga classes to citizens of your town and surrounding towns, then your advertisements can be pushed toward people who show interest in yoga and who live in and around your studio.

*ok... one more. It's like shooting fish in a barrel!

3. Expectations - Train your customers

Okay, this one might seem a little aggressive... but it's totally not. Your online marketing is your #1 opportunity to educate your customers. Period.

Before your customer shows up in person, they should know at the very least the following:

  • Products and Services you offer

  • Hours of operations

  • Where you're located

  • What the place looks like inside and out

  • What makes you different from your competition

  • What level of customer service to expect

  • What other customers think of you

Whether it is your social media marketing, your search engine ads, or messaging on your website, being able to clearly and effectively communicate with your customer base is powerful!


Having a professional advertiser like DaynePro Designs is invaluable and worth every penny. We work with a range of clients in many different categories, and our success with these clients is undeniable! Instead of listening to the smoke we blow up our own ... see what our clients think.

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